What different courses/packages do you offer?

We offer a 4 class course or a 12 class course.

What are the main differences between the two courses?

The main difference is the 4 class course price per class is £14 and the 12 class course price per class is £12.

Do l have to use all my sessions in either 4 weeks or 12 weeks depending on what course l buy?

Not at all. If you purchase the 4 class course you have 6 weeks to use your sessions, so you have 2 weeks leeway. If you purchase the 12 class course you have 16 weeks to use your sessions, so you have 4 weeks leeway.

If l find myself still not able to use all my sessions in the time allowed due to extenuating circumstances, can you freeze my sessions?

In special circumstances we can and it will be at our discretion if we choose to do so. Each individual situation will be addressed independently.

Can l join other Pilates Classes or other Yoga Classes outside of my normal class?

Absolutely. What ever package you buy you can try other classes as long as there is availability and it is “like for like”. For example Pilates for another Pilates class and Yoga for another Yoga class.

What level are the classes aimed at and how long are they?

All our classes are Mixed Ability but with special attention given to individual instruction during the class. The classes are 1hr in duration.

I can’t commit to anything at the moment due to the unpredictability of my work. Do you have a Drop in Class facility?

Yes we do. All our classes have the capacity for a Drop In Class student. As long as there is availability and if it’s your first time you will need to meet the instructor 20 minutes before the class to fill out our Physical Activity and Readiness Questionnaire.

Do you run any specialist classes specifically for mother and new born baby?

Yes we do. Every Wednesday at 9.30am. There are 1hr long in duration and the rate per class is £13. Although this class is currently full at the moment we will be looking to start another sometime in the new future.

Can l pay the instructor for my Drop in Class or any other course l purchase?

All payments are made online prior to the class you wish to attend. However all our instructors have access to the online booking system to acknowledge the payment you have made.

When is the cut off point to book for a particular class?

1hr before the class is due to start is the time we allow for all participants to book for a class.